Emotional Fitness for Success

We all want success. The secret is to be Emotionally Fit; this means self-control, good communicators, relate well with others, be liked and respected.

 Become BetterBecome Better

Fortunately, Dr Ann Polya’s latest, and fourth, book– “Become Better” –shows us how we can do this by using our Emotional Intelligence to control feelings and actions.

The key is to use our Emotional Intelligence strategically, which enables us to recognize and control our feelings and thoughts so that our actions are effective and improve our communication and ways we connect with others. 


Polya began the book when the Covid pandemic turned our lives askew; with countless restrictions and risks. As a result, she realized that we must use our Emotional Intelligence frequently to avoid losing this skill. In addition, she contends it is vital to use Emotional Intelligence strategically to boost effectiveness and our interpersonal success.



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