Emotional Fitness for Success

Emotional Fitness for Success

 Success comes from within. We come with Emotional Intelligence, and this site outlines practice allows us to upgrade our package for free. Just like physical abilities, we can attain Emotional Fitness by using our ability to explore our feelings and thoughts, and keeping them under our control. Then we can control ourselves and reactions, and difficulties and issues that come our way.

This theme is explored from different angles in my books, and the most recent is :-

BECOME BETTER- Applying Emotional Intelligence”

My new book reflects how to become competent and improve our communications and relationships, and thereby, handle the uncertainties of Covid-19, and indeed the difficulties of the dynamic changes coming in our future.

Increase effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence
Become Better

Applying Emotional Intelligence allows us to get know more about ourselves, and thereby better control our actions and  thoughts. Success comes from within. With better communication, and relationships, we gain a clearer perspective on our goals and how to achieve them.

It is important to our effectiveness. Both in dealing with the uncertainties of Covid and the challenges of our future.

To handle life with robots and artificial intelligence will require us to balance our emotional and rational minds. We all can “Become Better” by putting our Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) into practice. 

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Invincible Summer

This book demonstrates how we can touch base with our  strengths 

to overcome obstacles, and become competent. Success comes from within. Push back to overcome obstacles Our Emotional Intelligence is the secret to overcome obstacles. The key is to use our internal strengths, maintain our focus and concentrate on what we want to achieve.

 Using our power, we can  push back, and take charge. So we act efficiently to get what we want. 

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“Mind Over Matter: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

Mind over Matter

By applying our power of our Emotional Intelligence, we can effectively have Mind over Matter, and become competent.  Success comes from within. This means we can be clear about what we want and be successful in achieving it. 


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  “Brain Fitness: breakthrough Training for those who Mind”.

The techniques in this book outline how to keep our Brains are “fit”, and in good shape, Indeed, success comes from within

Train our Brains

It means we  can process data more easily and swiftly and strengthen our memory. We become competent

It is our choice. Brain fitness action plan  outlines techniques.

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