Blog: Strengthen Emotional Intelligence

Use it or lose it.

We all have innate emotional intelligence. It is like a muscle, and the more we practice the more we become Emotionally Fit. Conversely, if we don’t make use of our Emotional Intelligence it will wither.

Strong Emotional Intelligence is vital for success. We use our we Emotional Fitness to boost our ability to monitor our feelings and thoughts. This allows us to Become Better and attain our goals.

What difference will that make?

As we apply the pliability of our E.Q. skills, we will find a balance between our emotions and thoughts. This can maximize their effectiveness  to meet our new goals. Our communication ability improves as we gain greater self-control skills; which allows us to do well in this new environment. Moreover, improving our E.Q. skills boosts agility and adaptability to the challenges of the future.

Cope better with new stressors

Clearly, finding a relief from stress and some relaxation is a top priority. Yet, rather than using an unhealthy mode to cope, we do better to tackle one small problem first . This reduces the burden of attempting tackle all at the same time.

It is helpful to do an inventory of our transferable skills, such listening well or being persuasive, and think laterally to put them to use elsewhere. We can  re-invent ourselves to take on a slightly different job or task. In dealing with stress, it is good to remember that by using our E.Q. skills we can re-frame our self-presentation and expectations, and emphasize our positive focus.

Critical importance of emotional intelligence Now.

Our world is ever changing and we need to adapt fully to cope with the new realities. Everything will be a lot faster and with greater interconnectability. What seems impossible will become achievable. Strengthening our emotional intelligence will gives the ability to adapt, be agile and yet resilient. Our rational mind and our emotional mind will see different aspects of each situation, and thanks to our Emotional Fitness, we can adjust our action by taking account of both perspectives. The more we know ourselves, and how others react,  the better we will be to drive for what we want.

In short:–our strengthened Emotional Intelligence vital for our success.


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