Dr. Ann Polya on Critical Importance of  Emotional Intelligence Through Strategic Practice

Dr. Polya’s book “Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence” , demonstrates the critical importance Emotional Intelligence as it means we can work well with others, communicate effectively and handle difficulties successfully.

January 10, 2022 ( – Dr. Ann Polya, a published author, trained psychotherapist and coach, and former corporate executive, announces her new book “Become Better”.

“Become Better”

“Become Better” demonstrates the critical importance of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) to control our reactions, and cope with Covid-induced difficulties. It simply requires applying Emotional Intelligence strategically to gain more effective communication, better team-work, and more controlled thinking and feeling. This is a major advantage to achieve goals.

boost emotional intelligence

Boost Emotional Intelligence

The ongoing repercussions, caused by the economic disturbances due to Covid, have upset life as we know it- for many people. This will gradually change. Yet, we will not go back to a previous “normal” as technological advances are pushing us forward into a new world. This will be dominated by quantum computers, devices that interconnect, and other dramatic changes due to climate change, and new economic realties.

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence is vital to handle these challenges. We have to have tools to balance our feelings and thoughts, in a way that cannot be imitated by robots. Hence, we will have a clearer perspective, and can make better choices when situations change unexpectedly.

Indeed, as Dr Ann Polya writes, “The recent challenges that we have all experienced as a result of the pandemic…” and by…”applying these E.Q. skills, we will be able to meet the challenges of the future.”

Strategic update

This book brings the concept of Emotional Intelligence up-to-date, and into the real world. By strategically applying  our Emotional Intelligence skills, we are perceived as reliable, a good ally and this makes for more success and a better tomorrow. The future is exciting, and even if challenging, we can “Become Better.”

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