Dr. Ann Polya on Improving Emotional Intelligence Through Strategic Practice

Dr. Polya’s work “Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence” (published by Xlibris), highlights how an Improved E.Q. gives individuals an opportunity to have a better tomorrow.

October 19, 2021 ( – Dr. Ann Polya, a published author, trained psychotherapist and coach, and former corporate executive, announces her new book “Become Better”. It highlights the critical importance of enhanced Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) to cope with the difficulties caused by the pandemic and future changing world.

“Become Better” highlights how the need for people to boost their Emotional Intelligence by strategic practice. This allows them to control over emotions and improve thinking capabilities, and achieve goals.

boost emotional intelligence
Boost Emotional Intelligence

As turmoil persists -due to the complications of Covid, and people face the daunting challenges of a changing world, dominated by the interconnectability of all devices (IoT), controlled by quantum computers, and changes due to climate change- the strategic advantage of enhanced Emotional Intelligence will be vital for all; it will be necessary to progress successfully in the new possibilities in the future.

Boost EQ for a better tomorrow. Those who have practiced Emotional Intelligence can swiftly apply their E.Q. skills to cope with these new challenges. Emotional Intelligence can be enhanced by strategic practice, and lets individuals control their emotions and thoughts. This improves communication and relationships. With a clearer perspective, better choices are made when situations change unexpectedly.


As Dr Ann Polya writes, “The recent challenges that we have all experienced as a result of the pandemic…” and by…”applying these E.Q. skills, we will be able to meet the challenges of the future.”

This book brings the concept of Emotional Intelligence up-to-date, and into the real world. Boost EQ for a better tomorrow means we can strategically apply E.Q. skills with others, and are viewed as reliable and successful. The future is exciting, and even if challenging, we can “Become Better.”

In the words of Hayley Arceneaux, first civilian astronaut,  “You can be anything you want”, and can create a better tomorrow.

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Available online at: Amazon, XLibris and Barnes and Noble.



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