Critical Importance of  Strategic Emotional Intelligence 

Dr. Polya’s book “Become Better: Applying Emotional Intelligence” , demonstrates the critical importance Emotional Intelligence as a strategic tool. It enables good communication, good relationships, and an ability to adapt swiftly to complex situations.

March 21, 2022 ( – Dr. Ann Polya, a published author, trained psychotherapist and coach, and corporate executive, announces her latest book “Become Better”.

“Become Better”

“Become Better” demonstrates the critical importance of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) to control our reactions, get on well with others, and cope with unknowns and complex situations.

Get ahead with Emotional IntelligenceApply Emotional Intelligence

By strategically applying Emotional Intelligence we are able to communicate more effectively, build teams and regain control over our feelings and thoughts. As Polya writes, “with awareness of our emotions, we can know and observe ourselves more accurately. This includes an ability to name the feeling, and have a notion of its meaning to us.”

Indeed, the synergy we gain from balanced emotions and thinking gives us a huge advantage to achieve our vision and aims.

After so many months of changes of the disturbances to our routine caused by the pandemic, by practicing our Emotional Intelligence we can restore a new normal that factors-in all the scientific advances, such as more robotics, and greater interconnectivity. This will allow us to move forward with more confidence in our new world. Consequently, the growth we gain from using Emotional Intelligence wisely allows us to adapt more successfully.

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence is vital to handle these challenges as we can balance our feelings and thoughts; something that robotics cannot imitate.  This gives us a clearer perspective to make faster and better choices, and cope with unexpected developments successfully. It highlights the critical importance of Strategic Emotional Intelligence.

Indeed, as Dr Ann Polya writes, “The recent challenges that we have all experienced as a result of the pandemic…” and by…”applying these E.Q. skills, we will be able to meet the challenges of the future.”

Update on Emotional Intelligence
This book updates Emotional Intelligence from the original version and brings it into the real world. By strategically applying  our Emotional Intelligence skills, we are perceived as reliable, a good ally and this makes for more success and a better tomorrow. The future is exciting, and even if challenging, we can “Become Better.”
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