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Brain Fitness- Action Plan

“Brain Fitness: Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind”

To boost our Brain Fitness we need to take a few actions, as outlined in this plan..

There are just 3 techniques that when used with Focus and concentration that will be challenging and novel and at the same time trigger certain chemical reactions in our brains resulting in increased brain cell growth.

Brain Fitness -Action Plan

These simple tasks allow our  Brains to grow new cells as they trigger a chemical reaction that leads to Brain Fitness.

  • Physical Exercise
    • At least 30 minutes for five times a week;
  • Mental exercise
    • by doing crossword puzzle, Sudoku,
    • painting,
    • traveling and learning language
  • Social Interactions
    • by interacting with others- even online
    • in social gatherings
    • remembering names and contexts.

Our mantra is USE IT OR LOSE IT.

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