Emotional Fitness for Success

Emotional Fitness for Success

Emotional Fitness for Success requires applied Emotional Intelligence.  Use of Emotional Intelligence can be a positive force to relate well and cope with change. It allows us to recognize recognize our strengths- both physical and emotional;  and control our thoughts and feelings. When we take back this power, we do so much better, and success follows.

Clearly Emotional Fitness for Success requires applied Emotional Intelligence, and then we can do anything. 


BECOME BETTER- Applying Emotional Intelligence”

This is my latest book.

Increase effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence
Become Better

It is about how we can use and improve our Emotional Intelligence to take charge of how we feel, think and act; which puts us in a better position to cope with tough challenges- even- Covid-19 and it’s impact.

There are three phases to applying Emotional Intelligence to “Become Better”. First we get to know our feelings and control them. Secondly, we use this emotional intelligence to connect with others for clear communication and better relationships. And, thirdly, we take account of both our rational and emotional minds to find a balance; then we can apply our Emotional Intelligence that will help us cope with uncertainties and our future. 

This book -unlike most others on this subject- illustrates how we can  put Emotional Intelligence into practice so that we apply it in our lives in all situations. It guides us to build awareness of ourselves and others, build better teams and relationships and cope more effectively with complications posed by a pandemic and how to adapt to challenges of the new world of quantum computers and artificial intelligence.

Emotionally Fit for Success requires applied Emotional Intelligence. This more critical than ever as we face mounting challenges due to the global health upheavals and radical future changes.

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Invincible Summer

Dr. Ann Polya demonstrates how we can touch base with our  strengths to overcome obstacles, and be a presence that impacts others positively, and also get what we want. Use our Emotional Intelligence as a positive force to relate well and cope with change.


Just like Celebrities, the trick to be able to boost your Power to re-focus and devote our energies to this center of our attention.

Push back to overcome obstacles
Invincible Summer

This helps amplify our internal Power. With that power we can  push back in the face of difficulties.  We take charge and act efficiently to get what we want. Emotionally Fit for Success requires applied Emotional Intelligence.

This is a guide to overcome obstacles and create a new reality. Plus, when we use our inner powers, you can think more clearly, and take back control of our emotions and reactions. This is the path to win and communicate well and more effective. Also with greater awareness of the importance of issues we gain the respect of others.

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“Mind Over Matter: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

Mind over Matter

As a qualified Emotional Intelligence consultant, Dr Polya offers this guide to boost our own Emotional Intelligence to become aware of who we are, and what we want. Use our Emotional Intelligence as a positive force, and enables us to relate well and cope with change. When we control our feelings and thoughts, we communicate effectively and improve our connections with others.


Applying Emotional Intelligence we can take charge of your Emotions so they do not take charge of us. As we grow this form of intelligence we become more aware of what we can achieve, and who we are, and what we want , and what makes others tick; this allows us to communicate well, and improve our relationships.

For VIDEO :-https://www.youtube.com/rsearch_query=mind+over+matter+emotional+intelligence

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  “Brain Fitness: breakthrough Training for those who Mind”.

The techniques in this book demonstrate how to  ensure that our Brains are fit, and in good shape, and can process data more easily. This allows us to think faster, improve decision-making, and strengthen our memory. In short -be smarter.Train our Brains

Techniques are derived from advances in Cognitive Sciences with those in Neuroscience, and indicate simple tools that will allow us to grow our Brains using simple methods, and resist any decline.

It is our choice. The wise move is to opt to keep learning, and improving the functioning of our Minds. Go here for an Brain fitness action plan

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