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As a coach, therapist and counselor for many years, I work with individuals who actively want to be mentally tough, and move a step further, and enjoy success from within. This leads to their professional and personal development.  My work, which is based on my training, qualifications and extensive research,  illustrates ways to use our Emotional Intelligence to be mentally strong, and win by going for key points. 

BECOME BETTER- Applying Emotional Intelligence”

  • “Become Better” is recently published, and reflects how success comes from within by boosting our Emotional Intelligence to master vital skills.  As a result, we communicate and relate better and not only are understood but can direct us along the path we want to follow. In addition, we cope well with uncertainties and future unknowns. In other words, we put skills into practice strategically and access success from within.
Success comes from within

Become Better

  • Applying Emotional Intelligence allows us to balance our emotional and our rational side. Above all, this allows us to move towards our key goals. See UTube Video
  • In addition, since our future will be dominated by relatively emotion-free robots and artificial intelligence, acquiring enhanced EQ will give us a huge competitive advantage.
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  • The book was inspired by a quote by French philosopher, Albert Camus, who wrote:- “In the midst of winter, I found there was within me, an Invincible Summer. And…no matter how hard the world pushes against me … there is something stronger within me …pushing right back” 
  • That “something stronger” is ourPush back to overcome obstacles Emotional Intelligence that we can use to overcome obstacles, and be mentally tough. Success from within. Using our internal strengths, we can  push back, and take charge and act efficiently to get what we want. 

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“MIND OVER MATTER: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

Overcome Matter using our Mind

Mind over Matter

  •  Matter is anything that can be touched; it has mass and takes up space. Yet, we have the power to influence “matter” by using our emotional intelligence. This way we can control our feelings and thoughts, and balance our rational minds. Success from within. Hence,  our power is amplified when we use our Emotional Intelligence wisely. 
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“BRAIN FITNESS: breakthrough training for those who mind”

be mentally tough

  • We generally think that our brains deteriorate as we get older, but this false. Indeed, this is totally disproved by Neuroscience;  which demonstrates that we all can build new brain cells throughout our lives. As a result, this book outlines simple techniques to keep our Brains growing.  Indeed, we all can keep our Brains “fit”, and improve our memory and decision-making, and probably fight off Alzheimer’s. Quite literally, success from within. For more:-Brain Fitness

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