Portfolio of Dr Ann Polya’s Books 

As a coach, therapist and counselor for many years, I work with individuals who actively want to be mentally tough, and move a step further, and enjoy success from within. This leads to their professional and personal development.  My work, which is based on my training, qualifications and extensive research,  illustrates ways to use our Emotional Intelligence to be mentally strong, and win by going for key points.

“Become Better” is Dr Polya’s fourth book, and each book illustrates aspects of self-improvement, and how to handle emotional intelligence. The other books are :- “Mind over Matter”“Invincible Summer” and build our “Brain Fitness”. 

BECOME BETTER- Applying Emotional Intelligence”


Success comes from within
Become Better


Push back to Overcome obstacles
Overcome obstacles


“MIND OVER MATTER: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

Overcome Matter using our Mind
Mind over Matter

“BRAIN FITNESS: breakthrough training for those who mind”

be mentally tough







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