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Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?


We all have emotions , and Emotional Intelligence. Enhanced Emotional Intelligence lets us become more self-aware and able to overcome obstacles for meaningful lives.

We are able to boost our Emotional Intelligence by observing our palette of emotions and our preferences, and controlling the emotions so that we act with self-awareness and authenticity. We have the power to control our emotions so that they do not control us.

This is clarified in Mind over Matter.

Intelligent use of our Emotions

Emotional Intelligence is having a greater awareness of our Emotions and more control over them; this then applies to our thoughts as they will follow feelings. As we become more aware and in better control, we are able to know ourselves better and thus seek out better ways of expressing our feelings.

Emotional Intelligence is important.

As it allows us to act more consistently and effectively, and this builds trust that others have in us. Plus it builds our our self-confidence. See Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrqO41C2_50&t=2s

Who is Emotionally Intelligent?

We tend to think of being emotional as a sign of weakness, but a strong guy having a tantrum actually looks emotionally weak! Physical strength is one thing, but what really counts is how emotionally strong we are. Boosting our Emotional Intelligence is available to us all, and it is like a workout for our mind! It is the path to get the life we want.

An emotionally intelligent person can control their emotions and express them effectively. Imagine being able to understand what people are really feeling and not just what they’re saying. Or,  influencing people’s decisions because of how well you communicate?

In the Words of Daniel Goleman- a key expert on Emotional Intelligence:-

“Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion. When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large. But when we focus on others, our world expands. Our own problems drift to the periphery of the mind and so seem smaller, and we increase our capacity for connection – or compassionate action.”

Daniel Goleman, Social Intelligence

Learning in Action

teaches an updated version of Emotional Intelligence and states that the key trick to be considered Emotionally Intelligent is :-
  • By being self-aware with a keen knowledge of your preferences and strengths;
  • Having the ability to take control of your feelings and actions;
  • Being able to recognize the feelings and actions of others;
  • Having empathy or sympathetic joy for the actions of others;
  • Being able to motivate others.

EQ is, therefore, good for more effective communication, and better relationships and happy success. For more on go to success.

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