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Mind Over Matter

MIND OVER MATTER- and how we can use our Emotional Intelligence to control our Emotions, Thoughts and Actions
Mind over Matter is the power to overcome and achieve what we set out to attain. To do this is not simply a question of concentrating- although that helps, but a more powerful way is to use our own EQ selectively so that we take back control over key Emotions and therefore Thoughts and Actions.
Mind Over Matter Book
Power of our Emotional Intelligence

As we explore Emotional Intelligence, we see that there are a number of Emotions that we develop from birth; indeed we never forget any emotion felt throughout our lives.

Emotional Intelligence is key to mastery of the emotions

Often our thoughts are tightly entwined with the emotions and mostly stem from an emotion we feel. As we store every single emotion we have ever felt in our brain, then that emotion may actually be outdated. Hence it is paramount that we take back control over our emotions and weed out those we no longer need so that we do not waste time having tangential or useless thoughts, and sharpen our emotions and thoughts to those which convey our meaning and wants.

So instead of the tail wagging the dog, we use our Mind over Matter powers and our internal Emotional Intelligence, and this means we are prone to fewer knee jerk reactions when our buttons are pushed. Consequently, we are more in control of the reaction, and act differently. This allows us to regain mastery over our emotions.

When we are stressed we are more apt to revert to old patterns. These rarely work. Instead we need to know how we are feeling and reach for a balance. This is the core of Emotional Intelligence and we can build up emotional patterns that will serve us well as we confront issues.

Emotional Intelligence become a buzzword that to the work of Daniel Goleman. And for good reason, as Emotional Intelligence also helps us be aware of the type of relationship we have with each person and can help us improve how we react within that relationship. With Mind over Matter we avoid negativity, lack of self-control , being over anxious and complaining. We can focus on what is important and see the trees for the woods. Then we act in ways that define us-even if nobody is looking!

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