Become Better

“Become Better” by applying Emotional Intelligence

“Become Better” by using Emotional Intelligence for success within. Competence is increased with the practice of Emotional Intelligence skills. The more these E.Q. skills are used- the stronger they become. Indeed, control of  feelings and reactions is facilitated. Moreover, so too is the ability to cope with uncertainties and unknowns of the future.

Practice EQ to Become more competent

Everyone has emotions, and they clarify the meaning and nature of everything- whether it is good or bad,  and important or not. Emotional Intelligence can be built and strengthened. It can become a personal personal positive force.

Success from improved Emotional Intelligence builds self-knowledge, and interpersonal skills, and competence. Plus, it balances perspectives so that communication becomes clearer and more effective.

Practicing Emotional Intelligence is empowering. Control over feelings and thoughts are re-established, and success can flow from within. Focus is re-directed to improve coping skills, and those needed for  relationships and negotiations. It boosts the ability to deal with the unknowns of the future- including the spinoffs of the pandemic.

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Critical Importance of applied Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional Intelligence is vital now as it facilitates the ability to maintain balance throughout the upheavals due to Covid. Unknowns- thanks to the  advances in science are easier to navigate with improved Emotional Intelligence balance of the emotional and analytical minds, and enables better coping mechanisms to handle new challenges.

The need for applied Emotional Intelligence is more critical than ever. Especially, in the future world dominated by robotics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Greater self-knowledge and awareness and control improve agility as we move forward. 

Synopsis of  “Become Better”

 There are 3 aspects to applying Emotional Intelligence to become more competent, and to “Become Better”:

  1.  Understanding the self, and regaining control over feelings and thoughts;
  2. This means improvement to communication, relationships and conflict management;
  3. These improved E.Q. skills enable balance of the rational and feeling minds. Hence, this improves the ability to adapt to the new world of quantum computers and artificial intelligence.

Applying Emotional Intelligence

This book is illustrates how to apply Emotional Intelligence, and it’s practice boosts it strength. Examples are given to illustrate how to build personal and interpersonal skills; these skills enable better capacity to to relate well in teams,  and communicate effectively. This means that coping skills with economic and health upheavals, are improved.

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© Dr Ann J. Polya, 2021